Holly Harrison is a writer and mixed-media artist living in the Walden Woods of Concord, MA.

Her collages incorporate photographs, drawings and handwriting samples (often from her daughter), Japanese and Indian printed papers, and found ephemera. Recently she has begun to incorporate samples from old artworks by her husband, the painter Jim McManus.

In her art, she emphasizes the hand of the artist, using organic shapes, meandering lines or squiggles, and jagged paper edges. She juxtaposes photo transfers with hand-drawn images or layers collage on top, blurring the lines between a reality captured through technology and personal perception. She often uses texts as a jumping off point for art, incorporating words directly or referencing concepts more obliquely.

Her work has appeared in several New England galleries, including the Albright Gallery, the Attleboro Arts Museum, the Zullo Gallery, the Cotuit Center for the Arts, OTM Gallery and the Edward Hopper House Art Center, as well as in numerous books and publications.

To contact her about her art, your art or art in general, please email her at h.harrison@mac.com